Is a Young Earth Possible? argues for a youthful world from history and science.  In the 1970’s, Australian doctors Robin Warren and Barry Marshall proposed that the bacteria Helicobacter pylori caused ulcers.  It took two decades before their conclusion was justly recognized by the scientific establishment.  Has Big Science misdated the earth?  Is a Young Earth Possible? relates to a number of key issues in the public square such as climate change, homeschooling, government funding of science, bullying, depression, fake news, net censorship and free speech.

A number of historical records only go back thousands of years.  If mankind is young could the planet be young as well?  Tree rings, genetic entropy, earth's magnetism, fossil soft tissue, DNA in fossils and Mn nodules point to a youthful world.

Many hold that Darwin stole the credit for evolution from Wallace.  Scientific progress is not helped by Darwinism.  Various versions of the evolutionary "tree of life" are contradictory.  Evolution is depressing ... if life is pointless, why go on living?  Can Darwin provide a solid basis for ethics?  Did dinos and humans coexist?  Do the planets and sun sing of their true youth?  Get the facts and get your copy of Is A Young Earth Possible?today!

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